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  Inventory container is designated for a permanent use in rough environment as for instance, construction or industrial sites. It is designed for a high load as well as permanent change of site.

High quality tin makes it of a flexible use and non-problematic transportation, crane and fork-lift truck manipulation.

In an empty state it may be stacked many times, which contributes to a sparing use of storage room. Loading and unloading process of container is being done through big two-wing door made of steel tin.

Doors are normally equipped with:
  •  Rubber seal
  •  Security flap
  •  Zinc-coated linking pintles
  •  Zinc-coated conducting pipes
Container is protected from corrosion by painting in four layers granting a life-long guarantee.

Containers are supplied in four RAL color tones depending on customers wish.
 Abrol system
Abrol system

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