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Preparation of material

Burning of the material we provide by means of laser, plasma / oxy-acetylene burning machine which can burn sheets to the size of 2 x 6 m, up to a thickness of 20 mm with burning by laser, 30mm with plasma technology and 200 mm with burning by acetylene.

We also perform:    
• material cutting by means of band saws up to diameter of 300 mm 
• sheet metal plate cutting to width of 3150 mm and thickness of 12 mm
• bevel cutting of the material by burning to sizes up to 20 x 45°


Bending of parts we provide by means of CNC press-brakes with a force up to 320 tons, with possible bending up to lengths of 4000 mm.

Welding and annealing

Welding process is ensured by our welders authorized in accordance with EN standards. We provide welding from small structures to large frames for machines up to 5 tons and a length of 10 meters.
Our company produces products using materials in quality from S235 through S690 grade, (or XAR, Weldox and Hardox) to a thickness of up to 150 mm. We are able to weld by using the MIG / MAG type of welding equipment. 

We provide sandblasting of welded parts as required by the customer; finished products can be annealed to eliminate internal stresses, with maximum product dimensions of 3 x 1.5 x 1.2 m.

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